Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ellie Goulding in the Live Lounge

Ellie Goulding looks set for a top 10 SMASH with her debut-single-that's-not-her-first-single-but-is-her-debut-despite-those-two-words-being-synonyms-and-what-a-perfect-illustration-of-the-mess-the-music-industry-has-gotten-itself-into-that-is, Starry Eyed.

To ease its passage into the charts, Ellie turned up on Radio One this morning with a beautifully breathy version of the song. She also re-interpreted Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition as a drippy acoustic ballad. Best to give that one a miss, though.

Radio One have proudly uploaded some photographs of the session to their website, along with the declaration "audio coming soon". It's been four hours, though. What are they up to? Probably making one of those jingles where someone shouts "Ray-dee-oh ONE" into a dustbin, then they chop it up and play each syllable in a different speaker with a whooshy sound effect and a bit of Hadouken.

In the meantime, here's a 30-second snippet of Starry Eyed.

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