Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She fell in love with a starship trooper

Guess who's back? It's only little Gabriella "Sweet About Me" Cilmi! That's her on the right, trying to work out how to get out of a chair.

Her new single, Woman On A Mission, is (yawn) inspired by 80s synth pop. Listen closely and you'll hear the ghost of Van Halen's Jump and Olivia Newton John's Xanadu. But don't put your ears too close to the speaker, or you'll be knocked over by THE VOICE - a big-lunged, belt-em-out foghorn that puts Gabriella within arm's reach of Jocelyn Brown and Dina Carrol.

The video leaked a couple of days ago, forcing Island to bung it onto Youtube last night. It's pretty big-budget stuff, full of costume changes, CGI effects and - most importantly of all - a cleavage reveal on the line "I am a woman" (pervs note: it's at 0'47"). It also allows us to answer the time-honoured question: Who is hotter, cartoon Cilmi or real-life Cilmi?

Answers on a postcard, etc, etc...

Gabriella Cilmi - Woman On A Mission

The song is out in March, and we'd have given it a robust 7/10 if it weren't for the line "I never miss a trick, just like a magician".

Final score: 2/10

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