Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pet Shop Boys + 2010 x Good = Hurts

I first mentioned Hurts last August, when for some reason I thought they were called It Hurts and described them as "mysterious" and "spooky".

These days, I have a few more facts at my disposal:
1) They are Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, from Manchester.
2) They "write pop songs" but "pay extra attention to the sonics and atmosphere".
3) They are "basically the opposite of N-Dubz" (ie not shit)
4) They bonded over a love of Prince: "He's an incredible songwriter and he's very aware of how far you can push the boundaries of production," they reckon.
5) They "reek of eau d'1983" (?)
6) They made the video for their first single by themselves for £20.
7) They are definitely called Hurts, not It Hurts, dumbass.

The smashing synth duo aren't releasing a proper single til May, but they've just put out their second video, for the crestfallen ballad Blood Tears And Gold.

According to Popjustice, the band shot this "over the weekend, during some downtime in the recording studio". I am 100% certain that this statement is true and that, as well as being accomplished musicians, Theo and Adam have an advanced understanding of lighting, framing and composition. Why would a major label like Sony lie to us?

Hurts - Blood Tears And Gold

PS: A couple of artists have recently written in (yes, really) expressing dismay at the tone of this blog. Let's just make it clear for once and for all that I only write about artists I like*. Anything that may cause offence is probably a misguided attempt at "humour". So, get over it, yeah?

* Or really, really hate. I'm thinking about Mika here.

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