Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Roisin Murphy: Momma's Place

3, 2, 1... I'm back in the room.

Let's kick things off with a new track from Ms Roisin Murphy, whose Overpowered album was one of the best dance floor filllers of the noughties. Her new single, Momma's Place, has been knocking around for a week or so, but I'd avoided listening to it because Orally Fixated - a previous "taste-maker" single from her new album - was completely liberated from such songwriting conventions such as tune or chorus.

Momma's Place is much better, though. Like much of Murphy's post-Moloko output, I suspect it'll only appeal to those of us who used to collect DMC Mastermix 12" records in the 1980s (ask your dad).

The chorus shows how a funny Oirish accent can make seemingly unconnected words rhyme: "Don't you go and pull a fast one, I used to be an awful rascal, you think you invented being bad. I used to be a ruffian, had to become a tough one, you think you invented being bad" (try this yourself - Liverpudlian also works).

The whole shebang is powered along by that marvellous chunky Detroit House bass, and a synth riff ripped straight from Domino Dancing. Olé Olé, indeed. Welcome back Roisin.

Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place

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