Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Music: Daisy Dares You

In the most non-creepy way imaginable, I've been keeping an eye on 15-year-old pop singer Daisy Dares You for a couple of months. A lot of people whose opinions I really respect have tipped her for VERY BIG THINGS in 2010 - and she made it onto the BBC's Sound of 2010 longlist last month.

Full of bravado and attitood, the youngster writes her own brand of Essex-accented agit-pop, a curious genetic splice of Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne. She looks like an EastEnders extra with better hair - and she wears a Guns N' Roses t-shirt because she's, like, rebellious and whatnot.

I can't decide whether or not DDY will make a big splash this year, but her debut single "Number One Enemy" is a certifiable bouncing-round-the-bedroom hairbrush pop anthem. Even Chipmunk comes across well in it, which is the most surprising thing I will type in 2010.

Daisy Dares You - Number One Enemy

See also: "Behind-the-scenes with Daisy Dares You" which is 87.6% unintelligible.

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