Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've just "launched" v4.0 of the Discopop site. The old version was looking a little bit tired and clunky after three years, so I hope you like the new look.

A few things have changed:
1) Now you can click on the banner at the top to bring you back to the main page at any time. Just like you've been able to do on every other website in the world for the last decade.

2) There is an email address at the bottom of the page to get in touch, should you ever feel moved by the desire to praise / kill me (Come and get me, Dappy).

3) A new, expanded compendium of "Discopop Deities" has been compiled. If your favourite isn't in there, they're probably rubbish.

4) Most importantly, the new logo!! Yes, those are my CDs and not some rubbish stock photo. See how many you can name - I've got a copy of Lady GaGa's The Fame and Goldfrapps's Seventh Tree sitting here for the person who gets closest to the full 75. The email address for entries is at the bottom of the page (I've already told you that - weren't you listening? Sheeesh!)

And let me know if you spot any problems with the new design. I haven't had time to go back through all 1,500 pages on the site, but it should be fine (fingers crossed!)


Update 17/12/2010: It took a couple of hours for the new "editor @ discopop" email address to start working, so apologies if you tried to get in touch and got an error. It's all up and running now.


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