Monday, December 7, 2009

Sound of the future...

The BBC revealed the longlist for its annual "sound of" poll this morning and it's well worth checking out the nominees. Unlike previous years, there's some out-there experimental stuff nestling up against the amazing, chart-bound sounds of Ellie Goulding, Stornoway, Delphic and my current obsession, Marina and the Diamonds.

Giggs, a South London rapper with a proper actual criminal record, is probably going to sell as many records as Speech "even my own reflection isn't aware I have a record out" Debelle. More interesting (to me) is Gold Panda, a sort of one-man Go Team on beta blockers. He is quite literally called Derwin, and he rummages through bins and damp cardboard boxes in charity shops to find weird samples for his trippy sound collages.

Check out a few of his songs and remixes using this handy little thingummy that plays you some of his songs and remixes by the power of internet magic. I particularly recommend the rejigged version of Chrome's On It. If you press the right buttons in the right order, you can even download them as MP3s. Fancy that.

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