Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Music: Heads We Dance

It's an unwritten rule of blogging that if somebody emails you out of the blue saying "hi mate, love the site its relly good we are a band you might like and hear is our new single ITS LIKE LADY GAGA ONLY BRILLAINT!", the chances are they have made a record that sounds like a rabid dog brutally raping a family of stoats.

So imagine my surprise when UK electro-pop act Heads We Dance sent me their latest, Take My Picture, and it was actually listenable.

If you can imagine N-Dubz raised on a diet of The Human League, then you can imagine this song. If you have an imagination deficit, here is the video to help you along.

Heads We Dance - Take My Picture

The single is out this week, and here are some other things that better-informed websites have said about Heads We Dance, which I have diligently pasted from their MySpace page.

"HEADS WE DANCE are pushing all the right buttons...speaker gold dust" - Mixmag

"The twisted offspring of an illicit threeway between French disco, pop, and forward thinking electro, they could be the act this country needs to give the French elite some homegrown competition." 9/10 – Recommended – iDJ Magazine

"Pioneering" - The Independent

So there you go.

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