Monday, December 7, 2009

Janet on the X Factor

I'm still trussed up in a sling (boo!) but I had to make a few quick observations about Janet on the X Factor...

:: They were pre-recorded "as live" vocals - but who, other than Janet, would go to the trouble of pre-recording laughter then miming to it? Sheer class.

:: Twitter was not really anamoured by the whole shebang (my favourite comment from @darrenwaters: "It's like watching an aerobics class for the over 60s in Florida).

:: The goofy face she pulled at the end of the performance was adorable.

:: I'm not sure who advised her to wear a blue babygro, but they should be scared for their job this morning.

:: I actually thought her performance blew Lady GaGa out of the (bath)water, but I'm probably not the most objective commentator.

Someone who doesn't know how to work the aspect ratio button on their TV has uploaded the performance o Youtube (Youtube) - but you might want to watch it on the X Factor site instead.

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