Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What in the name of Jiminy is going on with Timbaland's face?

There comes a point in every pop star's career where they become so big - so unfeasibly, inexplicably popular - that no-one is prepared to second guess their artistic instinct. Because, when they're honest about it, the people that run the record labels are scared of the creative types. They can't quantify, dissect, calibrate, timetable, define or understand what artists do, but they are essential to the future of the business. So, if someone is on a roll, it's best just to assume that they are in complete control of their faculties, and let them get on with the job.

Timbaland is currently in such a position. Everything he touches turns to gold. Not metaphorical gold, but actual, literal, gold records. So, when he decided the perfect facial expression for his new video was "Jack Nicholson, with Bell's Palsy, trying to a force an undigested corn on the cob out of his bumhole", it would appear that nobody around him was capable of saying, "Em, perhaps that may not be the best idea, Timothy".

I stopped taking screen captures around the 3 minute mark. It was starting to become ridiculous.

But if someone wants to go through the whole thing and make an animated gif of the many faces of Timbaland, I would happily delete this enitre site and just put that up in its place, looping for infinity.

Timbaland ft SoShy - Morning After Dark

Come to think of it, the whole vampire storyline has a certain air of "whatever you think is best, Mr Timbaland", to it as well.

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