Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Saturdays video for you to watch

"Hey, what's that going on over there? It looks like a girl band making a video. We should stick around and watch - they might do some killer dance moves, or jump on a car, or fly on strings, or have a food fight, or put a squirrel on their boobs.

"Oh, wait, it's The Saturdays. Let's just go home and watch Bargain Hunt."

The Saturdays - Ego

Honestly, viewers, how do you make having superpowers look boring? Mollie (or is it Una?) can fly, but she just kind of flollops off the edge of a building like an upturned trifle. Frankie (or is it Rochelle?) has superhuman strength and can stop a car in its tracks by... er, leaning on it half-heartedly and pouting. And Vanessa (you get the point) can control a man like a puppet by waving her hands around a bit.

Actually, that last one's quite impressive.

Final scores:
8/10 for hair and makeup. 6/10 for the song. 3/10 for the band.

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