Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marina & The Diamonds: Hollywood

So, after a few limited edition EPs and amazing blog-friendly videos, THIS is apparently the BIG FIRST SINGLE from Marina And The Diamonds. The make-or-break, will she / won't she, last roll of the dice, final spin of the wheel, russian roulette gamble. Here's how I reacted to the song...

First listen
This is weird. The melody's all over the place. My mum will not be buying this down at Tesco*.

Second listen
Oh, I kind of see what's going on now. The lyric about Shakira is cute. But no way is daytime radio going to touch anything this wilfully perverse in the tune department.

Third listen
I love this song. I want to hug it. I want to hug everyone. I want everyone to hug the song. And possibly some alone time for me and the song in a cupboard, fumbling about next to the spare light bulbs and the feather duster. Followed by a gin and a lie down and a panicked 3am phone call for an ambulance and a scary moment where they have consider using the defibrilator. It's that good.

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood

* Actually, my mum will buy it. She heard I Am Not A Robot and Mowgli's Road for the first time this weekend and asked: "If I go onto Amazon will I be able to buy her album?"

This is a good sign. My mum's track record of predicting hits is fearsome. In 1997, she insisted that Run DMC vs Jason Nevins were destined for number one. She bought James Blunt's Back To Bedlam in 2004, months before anyone had heard You're Beautiful on the radio. And, last year, she announced Lady GaGa was "definitely going to be a star" after having her nails done next to her in the Belfast branch of House Of Fraser (trufax). In fact, mum should probably be writing this blog instead of me.

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