Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lady GaGa is on fire

Quite literally...

Yes, the video for the starts-off-dodgy-but-ends-up-amazing Bad Romance has been unveiled after scenes of palpable apprehension on certain parts of the internet.

Lady GaGa's site even crashed last night as people tried to log on to watch the (stunning) clip, only to find it wasn't going up last night after all. Imagine the strain the website must be going through now as they try to dish out thousands of video streams every second. As we said, very wittily, on Twitter last night "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I'm looking for a good webhosting solution, preferably with Linux and dedicated servers."

Anyway, the point is, when was the last time we witnessed this sort of sweaty, sticky anticipation for a music video? Like A Prayer? Scream? Spice Up Your Life? Pure And Simple?

To be honest, it was probably the one for Britney's Gimme More, or but that turned out to be rubbish, so let's turn a blind eye to that and talk about how Lady GaGa's latest is HISTORIC and RECORD BREAKING and TEH BEST VIDEO EVUR because that sort of uncritical hyperbole is what blogs are for.

The video can only be experienced by visiting the official Lady GaGa website: AND HERE IS THE LINK.

A few things to ask yourself while you are watching:
1) What, if anything, has this video got to do with the song?
2) Has Lady GaGa really sold seven million albums?
3) Can I be bothered to Google her album sales to check?
4) I probably can't, can I?
5) Shall we just assume its true for now?
6) Still, seven million album sales in a year. Isn't the music industry supposed to be on its knees?
7) Where can I get me a pair of those heavily featured Lady GaGa headphones?
8) Did I just catch a glimpse of nipple?

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