Friday, November 13, 2009

Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi video

Right Hand Hi is quickly becoming one of my favourite rap tracks of the year. Perky and sassy and cheeky and funky, it's everything the Eminem's comeback and Wale's debut promised, but failed to deliver.

Speaking of which, I reckon the BRAND NEW video could have done with a dollop of Slim Shady's dayglo, knockabout energy. Kid Sister is clearly a charismatic performer but, for most of this clip, the director just leaves her flailing around like a pigeon trapped in a tumble dryer.

It's a big old hands-in-the-air party anthem, so why has she been left on her own, trying to find her way back home from the launderette with a broken heel and inadequate lighting?

At the very least, they could have stuck a kebab in her mush.

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