Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheryl Cole's 3 Words video

The title track to Cheryl Cole's solo album is one of the oddest single choices this year. Sombre, atmospheric, understated - 3 Words pretty much anti-pop. Cheryl and are singing about a love affair, but they sound utterly miserable about it. Hopelessly, wretchedly sad. Maybe they've just discovered they're cousins?

When you add in the fact that this track is being released slap bang in the middle of the Christmas rush, 3 Words becomes the musical equivalent of the EastEnders' Christmas Day special - a black ocean of woe at a time when everyone else is parping on about peace and goodwill and how lucky they are to have won the X Factor.

In other words, it's absolutely terriffic. Cheryl is doing exactly what a proper pop star ought to - bucking the trend, upsetting the apple cart, shaving off Father Christmas's beard, drinking all the sherry and falling asleep on top of the cat.

Top marks all around.

Cheryl Cole ft - 3 Words

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