Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pixie Lott: Cry Me Out video

Cry Me Out is quite clearly the standout track on Pixie Lott's debut album.

Played live by Pixie's pin-sharp soul band, it sounds like the greatest lost torch song of all time (if the greatest lost torch song of all time ripped off Alicia Keys' You Don't Know My Name). The recorded version doesn't quite live up to that promise - the arrangement is a bit too synthetic to allow the melody to soar - but it's a solid 8/10, nonetheless.

The ballad is coming out as a single on 30th November with one beady eye on the Christmas countdown. To help it on it's way, Mercury Records (for whom money seems to be no object when it comes to this project) have splashed out on hiring Jake Nava of Single Ladies fame to direct a Hollywood-style song'n'dance epic.

It isn't going to inspire as many copycat "virals" as Beyoncé's rump-wiggling dance-off, but we'd be over the moon if it sparked a massive surge in synchronised swimming sequences.

Especially if they "accidentally" drown Tinchy Stryder in a paddling pool.

Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out

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