Thursday, October 29, 2009

Norah Jones sets sail

I know what you're thinking: "Norah Jones? She's AVAST bore and a complete ANCHOR. It's about mariTIME she buggered off. Her music makes me really (skull and) CROSS (bones). Although I admit I'd like to JOLLY ROGER her."

Yes, Norah Jones has made a music song called Chasing Pirates. And the time she's spent hanging out with Outkast, Q-Tip and the Foo Fighters has paid off because it's not some soporific easy listening Katie Melua travesty, but a sultry little shuffle that brushes shoulders with "da fonk", then apologises profusely for getting in the way like that.

The video was directed by Rich Lee, who did the visual effects on the Pirates Of The Caribbean films. It sees Norah hoisting sails on her apartment building and steering it through the crosstown traffic in search of some buried treasure. It's much better than that description makes it sound.

Shiver me timbers, etc, etc.

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