Friday, October 9, 2009

New music you might like: Ellie Goulding

Remember in secondary school when all the girls were taken away for a mysterious "talk"? It was supposed to be about periods and sex and contraception - but, as we now know, it was really a course in how to win arguments in Ikea.

I would like to know if these talks still happen. And, if they do, are the schoolgirls all given a Bontempi organ to take home at the end? Because I can't think of any other legitimate explanation for the sudden avalanche of female pop singers with wonky synths, banging on about the merits of the "Billy bookcase" (it is possible that I have misunderstood the lyrics to In For The Kill here).

The latest young pretender is called Eliie Goulding - not to be confused with genial character actor Elliott Gould, who was Monica's dad in Friends. Although that would be awesome, obviously.

Ellie hails from Wales and was once described as "Kate Nash meets Hot Chip". This may have been meant as a compliment, but it sounds like the most satanic combination of pure evil since R Kelly recorded a duet with Celine Dion - or Louis Walsh met "John" and "Edward" (if indeed those are their real names).

In reality, Ellie is sprightly and fun and distinctly un-irritating. She's been working with exciting electro overlords like Basement Jaxx and Starship; She sings with a Florence-esque trill and a stuffed nose that makes her sound like Cerys Matthews; She writes concise pop songs with proper melodies and moving'n'meaningful lyrics. In short: she is a good thing.

Ellie's properly amazing new single, Under The Sheets, is all about the disintegration of a relationship, and the realisation that you shouldn't define yourself by your boyfriend.

Which is exactly the sort of thing they would tell you in one of those school talks, isn't it? ISN'T IT?!

Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets

If you love the song, you'll be pleased to hear that top drawer music blog / boutique record label NEON GOLD is both releasing the single and offering it as a free download.

There's a business model that’s sure to succeed.

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