Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New music: Timbaland - Morning After Dark

This one has been floating around the internet for ages, but that doesn't make it any less brilliant. As usual, Timbaland has set the controls for sci-fi and created a deep space club track that sounds like nothing else in the charts. The lyrics are comfortably dumb: Timbo thinks a girl is "dope" (do people still use that word in 2009?) and that girl is astonishingly gracious for the attention of a portly multi-millionaire record producer.

In this track, the girl role is played by French-Argentinian-Italian-Russian-American artiste SoShy. If you're wondering why the lead track from Timbaland's much-anticipated Shock Value II, which features Rihanna, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, has guest vocals from a relative novice, here's her picture:

Nelly Furtado also contributes a verse which, in a genuine musical first, she performs entirely through her nose.

Timbaland - Morning After Dark

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