Thursday, October 15, 2009

New music: The Soft Pack

Here's a thing - a US band who sound like The Strokes covering The Velvet Underground. Or the other way round, I can't decide. The important thing is that they are CREDIBLE and have been INFLUENCED by PROPER MUSIC.

So far, so NME. But what The Soft Pack (for that is their name) have done to arouse my interest is inject melodies into their songs. It's a crazy idea - and one you might have trouble believing since all their other ideas are so boring and derivative - but it just about works.

If you read about this band in the mainstream press, the one thing they will always mention is that they used to be called The Muslims, but chickened out of being called The Muslims because of all the "racism" they faced. (Islam is a religion, not a race, fact fans). After changing their name to the nondescript and safe The Soft Pack they put out a statement denying they were "fucking gay, corporate sell outs".

Today, the fucking gay corporate sell-outs are giving away a free song on the trendy, vowel-averse blog RCRDLBL. The song is a cover of Fences, by Phoenix - another group you will not have heard of unless you are "cool" (ie hopelessly boring). It is literally quite good, and you may like it if you like that sort of thing.

The link to the download is underneath your mouse button if you are hovering over this text.

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