Thursday, October 1, 2009

Madonna on David Letterman

They have a history of awkward interviews, but Madonna appeared relaxed, warm and witty on last night's David Letterman show. Granted, she barely makes eye contact with the star, and she's a little bit nervous, but it's the most "natural" Madonna has looked in a long time.

CBS have posted the highlights on Youtube - how very 21st Century - so without any further ado, I have cut and pasted the embed code. It's a hard life, this blogging thing.

By the way - the car-crash 1994 interview they refer to ("I think it may have had something to do with the joint I smoked") is one of the best / worst bits of television you will ever see. Imagine watching a train derail in super slow motion, with David Letterman at the controls desperately trying stop it from toppling over. Or, alternatively, watch these videos.

Part One

Part Two

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