Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ladyhawke is Magic

When Ladyhawke's record label suggested releasing yet another single frmo her (magnificent) Ladyhawke album, we can imagine the conversation went like this.

Label: Hey, Pip, we want to put out Magic as the next single.
Ladyhawke (for it is she): The next single? Haven't we released everything off the album twice already?
Label: Yes, but we have to capitalise on your summer festival performances. This could be the track to finally push you into the mainstream. So will you do it?
Ladyhawke: Erm... I suppose. But only if we can have a video.
Label: A video. Oh. Let me just consult with Brad [whispers furiously]. Yes, Brad says we can have a video.
Ladyhawke: Okay, but I want to have a forest, and loads of bats and an African man playing a drum.
Label: Yes, I think we can do that.
Ladyhawke: Really?
Label: Uh-huh
Ladyhawke: Ah... Well in that case, I also want to have a pirate and a man with one eye and a bit where I'm flying on a carpet.
Label: That would probably be do-able within the budget.
Ladyhawke: And A DONKEY!
Label: ... *click*
Ladyhawke: Hello? Are you still there?
Label: Sorry, yes. I was just calling the horse wrangler. He can do it as long as we provide the hay and a carrot.
Ladyhawke: Did I mention the bit where I land my flying carpet on a pirate ship in the middle of a stormy foreboding ocean?
Label: No, but we'll get onto the effects guys asap. This single is going to be massive.
Ladyhawke: Oh dear. What have I done?

Ladyhawke - Magic

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