Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holy smoke, Alicia

In Alicia Keys' new video, Doesn't Mean Anything, everything the singer touches is mysteriously vapourised, making her some kind of anti-matter King Midas.

The clip starts off in Alicia's loft apartment (furnished with an amazing crystal piano that I would like for Christmas), but slowly everything around her evaporates in a puff of smoke.

Alicia seems unphased by this. Her only reaction is a fleeting look of confusion when a photograph disappears in her hand. Do you remember what Marty McFly did when that happened to him? Yes, he totally freaked out and snogged his mum and set fire to a car with lightning. Alicia Keys does none of those things. Even when the entire planet is reduced to rubble and dust, she just mopes around singing about her ex-boyfriend. And then, for no good reason, she goes rock climbing.

It is probably the best video this year.

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