Friday, October 23, 2009

"Interesting" Cheryl Cole factoid

The stand-out track on Cheryl Cole's forthcoming debut album is Parachute, a quirky pop timebomb full of stuttering hooks and a riveting military drum beat. According to Cheryl herself, it was originally slated to be the first single.

A lot of reviews have called this song a "true find", as it was composed by two previously unknown writers. But, says the enigmatic "Q" on the Popjustice Forums, the chief brain behind the track was Ingrid Michaelson.

Now wait just a cotton-picking minute: We know exactly who Ingrid Michaelson is - and we LOVE her!! Her 2007 single The Way I Am is one of the best love songs of the last decade. Her album, Girls And Boys, was the record Sara Bareilles and Gabriella Climi could have released if they'd remembered to write a decent song after the first single. What Ingrid has is the rare and beautiful ability to write happy songs that don't make you want to throw up in the sink.

Have a listen to The Way I Am, then tell us you wouldn't have liked to hear her write Cheryl's entire album.

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am

PS: If you like this, and you like Parachute, promise to buy Ingrid's album for us. It's awesome.

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