Friday, September 4, 2009

This song is what you imagined Little Boots would sound like, only better

It is Annie's Songs Remind Me Of You, and it has been around for donkey's years. You may have heard it last summer, when Island toyed about with the idea of putting out Annie's album, then decided not to, in case it outsold the new U2 record and nobody could look Larry Mullen Jr in the eye when he popped in for a cup of lemonade.

The appearance of a video means that, yes, the album is finally coming out this year. Of course, the fact that Annie has prised herself from the clammy grasp of a major multi-national corporation and run into the arms of a small boutique record label in Norway means that this video has none of the whizz-bang attention-grabbing special effects you may have come to expect on your "MTV" or "VH1" (in fact, the Youtube page says its been cobbled together during the photoshoot for her album cover). But the song - full of sumptuous harmonies and 80s throwback orchestra hits - speaks for itself.

Annie - Songs Remind Me Of You

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