Friday, September 11, 2009

Ke-listen to this

First, some facts.

Kelis = amazing
Basement Jaxx = amazing
Chipmunk = not so amazing
Kelis + Basement Jaxx - Chipmunk = still pretty amazing

Second, some music:

That's Scars, the serpentine title track from Basement Jaxx's forthcoming album. Jaxx may no longer be the sound of the future, but they're still more current than George Alagiah frenching the Greenwich Time Signal.

As you may have guessed, the lead vocalist is Kelis, one of the great unsung heroes of modern pop. Despite a limited vocal range, she can slip believably into any character - whether it be scary, sweet or slutty - and deliver a performance that's as individual as a Kraft cheese slice. We love her and you should too.

The full Jaxx song can be found on their MySpace page, with the album available to buy on 21st September. Ta-ra.

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