Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheryl Cole's debut single, then

National institutionTM Cheryl "yis are brilliant" Cole unleashed her debut solo single Fight For This Love on an unsuspecting world this morning, via the medium of radio. Aside from the fact that she's clearly hurt her right leg very badly in the promo shot, what do need to know about this momentous record?

The Good:
  • It sounds nothing like Girls Aloud (v important)
  • It sounds nothing like Victoria Beckham (which we were worried about)
  • It sounds nothing like a sparrow chirping into a plastic bottle (ditto)
  • It actually sounds a little like Toni Braxton (amazing)
  • The structure is: Intro, verse, bridge, chorus a, chorus b, verse, bridge, chorus a, chorus b, middle 8, breakdown with handclaps(!), chorus a, chorus b "to fade".
  • The Glockenspiel.

    The Bad:
  • "Too much of anything can make you sick" is not the classiest opening line of all time.
  • Although, when she sings "love ain't no walk in the park", it actually sounds like Cheryl is being a little bit sick in her mouth.
  • It’s a slow-burner, so lots of people will instantly dismiss it as "rubbish" and "not good enough", then miraculously decide it is "bloody brilliant" the week after she performs it on X-Factor
  • If Tesco had an own-brand range of R&B pop songs, they would sound like this :(

    The Ugly:
  • Let's face it, until a cartoon cat smashes in those cheekbones with a hot iron, Cheryl Cole is never going to be considered ugly.

    The video was only filmed on Saturday, so there's nothing but this radio recording to enjoy for the time being...

    Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

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