Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awards - what are they good for?

So, last night was the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize. It was held in the sweltering heat of a dingy public house, where judges debated the merits of pop stars wearing coloured tights and decided which of the shortlisted songs to eliminate through the medium of dance. I bet they don't do this at the Oscars...

Unsurprisingly / disappointingly Girls Aloud won again. Don't get us wrong, we will enter a prolonged period of mourning when the band go on hiatus (next week - arrrgh) but The Promise simply isn't the best British pop single of the last 12 months. However, the criminal absence of Marina and the Diamonds from the shortlist made the girls a good second choice.

And, as someone pointed out, if they had changed the lyrics from "Here I am, walking Primrose" to "Here I am, legs akimbo" the song would have won without any argument.

The ceremony was made all the better by the arrival of an actual, real life Girl Aloud. Nicola Roberts is certainly a brave woman, given the "enthusiastic" nature of the Popjustice panel. But she got stuck right into the melee, declaring that The Saturdays were undeserving winners becaue "they stole our stylist" and putting her own song in the running for worst single of the year.

When one brave soul brought up the subject of the following, disatrous GMTV performance of The Loving Kind, Nicola screeched "that was Sarah's fault!"

How true.

In other prize ceremony news, Monie Love won the Mercury Prize [Ed - please check]

Speech Debelle - The Key

The end.

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