Monday, August 3, 2009

New video from A Camp

Swedish-American band A Camp can barely raise an eyebrow in the UK, never mind sell a record - but their seond album, Colonia, is undeniably one of this year's best.

The CD has wangled a release in the US recently - which is why there is suddenly a video for the record's second single, Love Has Left The Room, three months after it came out in the UK.

Funnily enough, this very song popped up on shuffle as I was driving home from holiday and I'd resolved to write something about it when the opportunity arose. The sublime lyrics, by ex-Cardigan, Nina Perrson, liken the end of a relationship to a hangover, when your entire body aches in the most horrible, physical way and yet the nausea is precious - a badge of honour, even - for what it reminds you of.

Here is the opening verse:

Love has left the room
The party is over
But I can't get sober
Obsession is towing me
Deep down, down

Love has left the room
It fled out the back door
When all that I asked for
Was evermore, or a real bye bye
You never said bye-bye

The video is a suitably moody, and captures the band's retro Americana sound with the use of some beautiful, bleached-out Super 8 photography. If you don't get the song first time round, have a few listens. I promise x 1,000,001 that you will love it.

A Camp - Love Has Left The Room

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