Monday, August 17, 2009

Mpho's not particularly subliminal advertising

Parlophone have just uploaded something called the "official listening post" for Mpho's forthcoming single, See Me Now.

It's a forward-thinking attempt to combat the bootlegged radio recordings that regularly turn up on Youtube (youtube) in the weeks leading up to a single's release. But, coming from a record label, it has much, much higher production values than fan clips.

Parlophone, you see, have invested in a copy of Windows Movie Maker 2.1 ("so easy a child could use it") and asked a child to use it. The result is a hyperactive, rapidly intercut, maniacally strobing, multi-coloured assault on the senses.

The flashing Mpho logo will burn itself into your retina. The flickering lyrics will induce epilepsy. The pulsing graphics will give you acid flashbacks, even if you have never taken acid, known anyone who has taken acid, or heard the word acid outside of a chemistry lesson.

You can watch below. But, please, close your browser window when you start foaming at the mouth.

Mpho - See Me Now

The song is a solid 6/10, by the way.

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