Monday, August 24, 2009

Ian Brown goes for a walk

Ian "I used to be in the Stone Roses, apparently" Brown has been strolling around the streets of Manchester singing his new* single, Stellify. Along the way, he's picked up a brass band and some people waving flags. All he needs is an orange sash and he could go over to Ulster and have a big old scrap on the street. Awesome.

Ian Brown - Stellify

Anyway, it's pretty good isn't it? I've stomped my foot to it so hard that my left leg is a good inch shorter than the right. I now have to stand on a hill at all times.

Someone at Brown's record company was telling me last week that, despite his heritage, he hates guitar bands and mainly listens to soul and R&B. This makes absolute sense when you hear the album version of Stellify. It has an awesome drum and bass breakdown towards the end, which sounds like a Mancunian version of Jay-Z's Takeover, crossed with Sly & The Family Stone's I Want To Take You Higher. In other words: truly stunning.

* Okay, the single has been out on iTunes for about two weeks, but I forgot to mention it. At the same time, the physical release date is the bizarrely late 21st September, so I'm late and early at the same time.

PS: Stellify is a real word, and it means "to turn into a star". Awwwww.

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