Monday, August 3, 2009

Back once again with the renegade master*

Usually, when I disappear off on a sabattical**, nothing happens. Over the last week, however, there have been up to three (three!) big events on planet pop.

Here are they:


During the filming of her new video, She-Wolf:

It's all incredibly sexy, in a "there is no way I would let this woman into my house" sort of way. I would embed the clip here but the UK exclusive has been given to MSN, who operate the world's most ugly video streaming site. Here is the link, Click on it if you dare.

Celebration is the title track of Madonna's latest Greatest Hits album, and is almost certain to be her last number one for Warner Bros (unless Tinchy Stryder has something out the same week). Produced by Paul Oakenfold, it's what old people would call a 'banging club tune' and the kids would call 'a bit dated'.

It brilliantly recalls the summery vibes of Everybody and Holiday - and there's a clever nod to Into The Groove in the lyrics - but the tune is a bit of an afterthought. In fact, when Jo Whiley played it on Radio One last week, a lot of texts came in saying it would sound better withough the vocals.

For those naysayers, here is the dub mix (which, it has to be said, is a vast improvement).

Madonna - Celebration (Paul Oakenfold Dub)

US readers can buy the track now on iTunes. Everyone else has to put up with a preview on until later this month.


Like Monty Don, the Sugababes new single is a grower (yes, even though it is basically a club mix of Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy). When you watch the video, you will come to the realisation that, following a brief internal struggle, the group now belongs to Amelle Berrocca, or whatever her name is.

In the panoply of British girl band videos, it is a solid 7/10. But, because the song is so obviously a top-dollar US R&B production, you can't get away from the niggling suspicion that Rihanna would have done it better.

At the very least, she would have spent another fiver on the choreographer.

Sugababes - Get Sexy

* "random blogger"
** attempt to drown myself in alcohol

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