Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lenka in the Live Lounge

Good news! Lenka's delightfully jaunty single The Show went into the chart at 33 last week, and it looks set to climb higher on Sunday.

The Aussie singer-songwriter has been in the UK this week helping the single along, and she turned up at Radio One yesterday for a bit glockenspiel-tastic Live Lounge action - performing both The Show and a cover of Friendly Fires' Jump In The Pool.

The whole set is up on the R1 website, or if you'd prefer a copy you can keep, try the following:

:: Lenka - The Show (acoustic) [yousendit link]
:: Lenka - The Show (acoustic) [sharebee link]
:: Lenka - Jump In The Pool (acoustic) [yousendit link]
:: Lenka - Jump In The Pool (acoustic) [sharebee link]

If you found that unbelievably twee, like a fairy sprinkling glitter over a Hello Kitty poster in marshmallow land, then don't worry - Lenka's album is a bit more ballsy than the acoustic session would suggest. If by ballsy you mean "can peel a banana unaided", rather than "would rip your face off with its teeth".

I don't mean this as a criticism, by the way. As saccharine la-di-da pop princesses go, Lenka is at the top of the list. Lend your ear to this fabulous NPR session to see why.

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