Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Extra-curricular activities

If the blog has seemed slightly neglected over the last few weeks, here's why: A series of "high profile" (slightly desperate) and "expertly crafted" (cobbled together) features on the BBC News website. Links and bonus content as follows:

The Veronicas interview
  • What were they like? Hungover, flirty, hilarious
  • Most useless quote: "My favourite thing to do, aside from singing, is laugh" (Lisa)
  • Best bit that didn't make it: On whether they were pissed off that Katy Perry had nicked the "kissed a girl" line from Take Me On The Floor:
    Jessica: "It's true! She totally stole our thunder!"
    Lisa: "We're friends with Katy, so it’s cool. Her song is very different from ours. Apart from the kissing girls bit."

    Pixie Lott interview
  • What was she like? Amazingly, for a stage school graduate, really interested in music. Made me give her my copy of Daniel Merriweather's album.
  • Most useless quote: "When I was younger I'd always sing the Whitney classics and the Mariah classics".
  • Best bit that didn't make it: "There's a song on the album called Jack, which was written by a girl band called M2M seven years ago. One of them used to go out with Zac from Hanson, and when they broke up she was really upset and wrote a song about it. But she didn’t want to make it obvious it was about him, so she called it Jack. I'm singing their break-up song, which means that, technically, I've dated Zac Hanson."

    Black Eyed Peas interview
  • What were they like? Jetlagged, but polite. Interestingly, Taboo, Fergie and apl defer to will.i.am on all matters, on and off-camera.
  • Most useless quote: "This record is just more focused on dance sounds. It’s like the dance knob is at 200, instead of 75, 50, the way it used to be." (will.i.am)
  • Best bit that didn't make it: Will.i.am on the new wave of hip-hop: "Here we are in 2009 and there’s Boom Boom Pow and there’s Kid Cudi and there’s Kanye West experimenting with electro. It’s back to the early 90s when Technotronic did 'pump up the jam, pump it up, yo pump it'."

    Britney Spears concert review
  • What was she like? A high-quality drag act.
  • Most useless quote: "What's Up London? Awesome!"
  • Best bit that didn't make it: Britney's voicebox.

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