Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quirky female singer-songwriter news

Regina Spektor was on Jools Holland last night playing new song Blue Lips with a string quartet. Have a look below: Her vocal is out-of-this-world, and the modest little curtsey at the end is super-cute (if you can do a curtsey on a piano stool, that is).

Regina Spektor - Blue Lips

The studio version of Blue Lips is up on Regina's MySpace, along with new single Laughing With. The latter is a mediation on the nature of God and, compared to the eccentric jollity of her breakthrough album, Begin To Hope, more than a little po-faced. We're hoping the "mature" sound isn't 100% indicative of the new album, Far, as Regina's always been best when she's yelping quirky lyrics about Orca Whales and statues of baby jesus.

Thankfully, Pitchfork reveals that one of the record's new songs, Folding Chair, "features Spektor doing an uncanny dolphin imitation". But just in case Spektor really has gone all serious and librariany on us, here's a suitable replacement...

She's called Lenka, and she's from Australia. You won't be surprised to hear that she used to be an actress (working on a TV drama is a form of national service in Oz) but now she lives in LA and has brought her acting skills to this unbearably cute video.

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, you are dead.

Lenka - The Show

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