Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Regina Spektor video: Laughing With

Here's the beautiful new video for Regina Spektor's beautiful new song, Laughing With, courtesy of

Before you watch, I need to tell you three things:

1) Listen to the words
2) Listen to the words
3) Listen to the words

I can't tell you much about it now, but I've just spent half an hour with the lovely Ms Spektor, talking about her new album, her choice of producers (Jeff Lynne, Jacknife Lee, Mike Elizondo), putting on school plays and what her piano teacher thinks of her new material... It's all under wraps until the album comes out in June, but I can tell you this for free: Regina has the most amazing, aqua blue eyes you've ever seen (unless you've seen my wife's - I've been instructed to say).

The interview is, of course, is for my "real job" at the BBC but I'll try to get permission to put the DVD Extras up on the blog next month.

PS: The Regina fansite seems to be down at the moment... The video should reappear once they do.

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