Thursday, May 7, 2009

La Roux video premiere (link)

Let's face it, everyone was taken by surprise by the success of "Danny" La Roux's In For The Kill. It was a good surprise, like finding out your Easter Egg is made of solid chocolate, but a surprise nonetheless.

Anyway, those legions of new fans will be pleased to hear that:
a) New single Bulletproof is even better than the first one
b) The whole album is pretty frickin' marvellous

The problem with the whole La Roux "package", however, is that Elly Jackson doesn't really do anything. She's a bit awkward, a bit shy, and she just happens to make psychotically catchy rat-tat-tat electro pop records.

The question is, how do you sidestep this when it comes to making a promo video?

Easy: Put Elly on a treadmill (walking makes you look like you have drive and purpose) and CGI in some backgrounds you nicked from Tron (because its all, like, the 1980s, isn't it?)

The end result is a bit like a dystopian cyber-vision of Peter Kay's Show Me The Way To Amarillo... with added blusher.

Whether that's a good thing or not is entirely up to you.

You can watch the full thing on the Newsbeat website.

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