Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dolly Rockers: Good or evil?

I don't know what to say about the Dolly Rockers.

Their single, Je Suis Une Dolly, is mega-annoying. Imagine Jeremy Clarkson and Germaine Greer standing over your bed debating the merits of feminism while Timmy Mallet sounds a klaxon and flashes a laser pen in your eyes. It's more annoying than that.

On the other hand, the trio exude the same sort of deranged genius that made the Spice Girls so exciting back in 1996. When they auditioned for the X Factor last year, Sophie Dolly stared straight into the camera and deadpanned: "We live, sleep, eat, breathe and make toilet for the X Factor".

But the TV talent show wasn't big enough to contain the nascent popsters - and Louis "Potato" Walsh chose big haired no-hopers Bad Lashes and Girlband over the Dollies and their irrepresible, but potentially troublesome, sense of humour.

Step in EMI, who are helping to promote Je Suis Une Dolly, and have wisely decided not to interfere with the band's Red Bull-fuelled, DIY publicity campaign. The video, filmed on the fly on the streets of London, is bursting with personality (and not because the metropolitan police tried to beat them to death with truncheons). Have a look.

Dolly Rockers - Je Suis Une Dolly

I suppose there's a sliver of hope that the song is a Wannabe-style trashy introduction to an effervescent (alco)pop phenomenon, but the involvement of Ray Hedges (B*Witched, Donny Tourette, Big Brovaz) hardly instils us with confidence.

This is a terrible shame, because the girls are madcap stars-in-waiting. Just listen to the interview they gave on Radio 1 yesterday morning. It's all over the place (picture Sarah Harding with caffeine injected into her eyeballs, to the power of three) but a thousand times better than any number of Leona Lewis corporate robot radio appearances.

Poor old Scott Mills, eh?

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