Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A peek into No Doubt's recording studio

GWEN STEFANI: Hey, No Doubt guys, I'm so contractually obliged happy to see you all again.

NO DOUBT GUYS: Er, hi Gwen.

GWEN: So have you written any new songs in the last six years?

NDG: Not as such, no…

GWEN: Excellent, because I have this great idea. We could do a cover of Stand And Deliver!

NDG: Adam Ant's Stand And Deliver??

GWEN: Yes, it's my all-new favourite song. Have you seen the costumes in the video? We can totally dress up as highwaymen!

NDG: Oh God. Not this again.

GWEN: What's your beef? You were happy when I asked you to dress up as Japanese prostitutes.

NDG: That was your solo record, Gwen. Those were dancers. They weren't even men.

GWEN: But they were toally awesome and cute. Can't you guys do it for me? Pleasy-weasy-lemon-squeezy?

NDG: Well, I suppose we could do with the money…

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