Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Comedy records - oh joy!

I was under the impression that comedy records had died out with Mr Blobby and that no-one, not even Simon Cowell, could resurrect their decaying corpse.

But no.

With the record industry profits in a free-fall shitstorm, executives are signing up anything and everything that's had a glimmer of television exposure or "viral" fame. How else can you explain the fact that Universal are releasing an entire album by the Saturday Night Live team that brought us the (admittedly excellent) Natalie Portman rap and Justin Timberlake's Dick In A Box?

Predictably, the law of diminishing returns applies here - especially given that The Lonely Island (for that is their name) base their sketches on a single joke repeated over and over and over again. In a way, I suppose, that makes it an effective parody of 50 Cent's career, only with added musical integrity.

Their latest, Like A Boss, features Knocked Up's Seth Rogen and clocks in at a mercifully short 1'30". There's no doubting it'll make you laugh once. But do you need to own it?

Therefore, in contravention of our usual policy, have a look at the video then don't buy the album.

Lonely Island - Like A Boss

PS: Flight Of The Conchords don't count as a comedy band.
PPS: Here's Calvin Harris's take on the state of the record industry, via Twitter:

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