Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 single ladies

God knows why, but Beyonce has teamed up with chewing gum brand Trident, who are giving away all 13,000 tickets for one of her gigs at the O2 later this year.

According to PR trade publication Talking Retail, parent company Cadbury is investing £2.5m to raise awareness of the promotion. That's rouchly four times as much as Beyonce makes from ticket sales at the venue (13,000 x £50 = £650,000).

Part of that campaign is a so-called "viral" video, where 100 women recreate the rapidly-becoming-iconic Single Ladies choreography in Picadilly Circus. It's not a particularly groundbreaking idea, but the execution is completely on the money.

Still, I wonder whether all this hilarity will be of any comfort to all the Cadbury staff who are losing their jobs when the company closes one of its main UK factory next year?

Maybe Beyoncé could help them out by buying a fuckload of Creme Eggs.

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