Monday, March 16, 2009

Revealed: The pitch for Bat For Lashes new video

Hey there Bat For Lashes!

We have heard your dreary amazing ballad Daniel and we guess you need to sell it to the guys at MTV? Well, open your listening holes, because we have the perfect idea for a video.

First of all, we're going to film you lip-syncing to the song really quickly, so when we play it back at normal speed everything looks all floaty and dreamy. Clever, huh?

Then, because your track is a bit drippy (excuse us for being frank!) we're going to have all sorts of weird things happening in the background. For instance, we think you should be attacked by some men dressed in black leotards with tennis balls (also black) stuck to their faces. Don't ask us why - IT IS ART, OF COURSE.

We have also envisaged a sequence in a car where you have mascara running down your face. Do not worry, we will do this on a green screen so you will not have to pay any extra for a location shoot. We will also CGI in some crows. They're dead mysterious. Did you ever see that film about a guy avenges his girlfriend's murder by becoming a crow? Me neither, but the actor guy died - which gives everything added gravitas. Crows are awesome.

Anyway, the main objective is to obscure the fact that your song is all about your boyfriend dying in a fire. That shit just brings people down. We thought we could maybe hire some hunk from Hollyoaks and have you smooch him at the end?

We have previously done videos for Bjork, Feist and Snow Patrol, so you can be assured of our track record.

Thanks loads,
Pete 'n' Zav
c/o thecompletelymadeupvideocompany

Daniel - Bat For Lashes

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