Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art spool

This is very cool - Flickr member iri5 has been showing off some rock star portraits she made out of unspooled cassette tapes. Here is her Jimi Hendrix:

You can see the full set on this link

Note to younger readers: A 'cassette tape' was like an iPod in the olden days, except instead of holding 3,000 hours of mp3s you'd downloaded off the internet, it held exactly 90 minutes of music you'd taped off the radio. Cassettes were prone to things like "hiss" and "flutter", which meant that your songs often sounded like they were being played in a wind tunnel while your head was repeatedly dunked in a child's paddling pool. The only way to put a cassette on shuffle was to pull the tape apart, cut it to pieces with razor blades, and sellotape it back together in a different order.

Cassettes were awesome.

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