Monday, February 9, 2009

Pet Shop Boys - Love, Etc

Ooomph! Neil Tenant and Chris Lowe have just thrown their new single right into our solar plexus. It's called Love, Etc and it's a bit more rowdy than you'd expect of a Pet Shop Boys single, with a Go West-style male voice choir shouting all over the top of it.

The lyrics are an acidic inversion of The Beatles' Can't Buy Me Love, with Mr Tennant explaining that money, fame and beauty don't guarantee you a life partner, but it helps. He must have missed all those stories about Madonna divorcing Shane Ritchie [please check these names - factual accuracy ed]

The full track isn't ready for your discerning ears just yet, but here's a taster:
Pet Shop Boys - Love, Etc

Hmmm... Do you think i could have been "inspired" by this classic TV theme???
Joe Fagin - That's Livin' Alright

Answers on a banana.

PS: There's a longer clip on the official PSB website

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