Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goodies from the internet cookie jar

Today, we bring you links to external websites to create the impression we're working when, in fact, we're reading external websites. Duplication is keeping this blog alive, folks...

:: Katy Perry is all tucked up in a cosy duvet.

:: Following the much-emailed literal interpretation of A-ha's Take On Me video, and the not-nearly-as-funny version of Tears For Fears' Head Over Heels, comedy gold is mined once again in the series' third instalment.

:: Credit card warning. Don't do what this guy did.

:: Isla Fisher looks truly scrumptious in this photoshoot for Allure magazine.

:: Lily Allen is streaming her new album on MySpace. I can't be bothered to listen to it - can someone else pass it through their auditory system and let me know if it's worth buying? Thanks.

:: We all suspected Christian Bale had a bit of a temper, but here's confirmation - an extraordinary two minute, expletive-filled rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation. Disgraceful. Update: Here's the inevitable dance remix.

:: Following SingStar Abba's success, we're promised Singstar Queen later this year. I don't care what Sony says, however, I'm not buying a PS3 until we get Singstar Girls Aloud. And the price drops by £100. And pigs fly.

:: President Obama reads Bush's handover letter live from the Oval Office

:: A trainspotter-esque, but nonetheless fascinating, Wikipedia page on unusual types of gramophone records.

:: Whatever happened to TV's Blossom? "I was too 'ethnic' or 'quirky'," she tells The Onion.

:: Here's what Guitar Hero would have looked like in 1982 [via b3ta]

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