Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Girls Aloud know what time it is - update!

Today it's the turn of Kimberley Jane Walsh to add a be the voice of the speaking clock for Comic Relief (dial 123 from your landline, fact fans).

Kimberley sounds relaxed and authoritative compared to Cheryl "way aye man" Cole, who may well have been forced to tell the time at gunpoint. I particularly like the sultry way she says "ten seconds" - although it's ruined somewhat when she decides to make the 'ting' noise by herself.

Dear God, I'm reviewing the speaking clock. What has my life come to?

EDIT: Someone has, quite rightly, pointed out to me that anyone who phoned the speaking clock in order to hear Kimberley or Cheryl and their mad timekeeping skillz was simultaneously making a donation to Comic Relief. Therefore, by posting the audio up here I was quite literally taking candy from a baby. To rectify this, there's a big old cheque on its way to the Red Nose people with tenpence for everyone who visited the site in the past seven days.



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