Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Video: Take That - Up All Night

Break out the bunting! Take That have been standing on the back of a lorry miming to their new single, Up All Night. This is all in aid of a promotional video clip, in which the residents of a typical British street have a right old knees up while Mark Owen prances about like a maniac.

For our international readers, the residents of a typical British street include:

A single mother

An alcoholic

A Pirate

Bender from Futurama

Samuel L Jackson's mum

A possessed children eating 1970s retro lollipops

Hang on just a... SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE ALERT!!!!! That is almost definitely a Fab lolly. Fab as in fab four, as in the Beatles - another popular boy band with scruffy haircuts whose drummer is clearly not capable of playing the drums if you study the close-ups carefully.

Therefore, we can conclude that Take That are actually the Beatles!!

Can somebody add this discovery to Wikipedia, please?

Take That - Up All Night

As previously noted, this record is exactly like Shine in every respect except the one where Shine was good.

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