Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New pop trend ahoy!

Do you know what pop music is missing these days? Nerds.

It used to be that the geeks were everywhere, making very clever music using algorithms and applied mathematics. And, provided you didn't have to look at them, they were quite good. Kraftwerk were "seminal", Leo Sayer was "squeaky" and Tears For Fears were "amazing".

In the final analysis, even Abba was just two geeks who'd scored girlfriends way out of their league (apparently Benny and Bjorn have huge cocks*).

But MTV ruined it all, because people didn't want to see spotty, uncoordinated, bespectacled singers clogging up the airwaves when they could have scantily-clad teenagers gyrating in school uniforms instead.

So kudos to Polydor for signing Gary Go (not his real name, we suspect) - a spotty, unccordinated, bespectacled singer straight from a Sci-fi comic convention. He will appeal to the Coldplay "demographic", because his songs are just like the ones Coldplay release. Radio 2 love him, obviously.

Here's his debut. It's called Wonderful. The video does a good job of playing on Gary's geekdom without making him unlikeable. But you still get the impression he'd rather be at home playing World Of Warcraft.

Gary Go - Wonderful

* may not be true

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