Friday, January 23, 2009

Lily Allen's brilliant opinions

We really like Lily Allen's music. It's funny, sad, catchy, clever and generally amazing. But we wish she'd stop promoting it.

Why? Because she always sounds like a tedious, spoilt gobshite. Here are just a few of the headlines Ms Allen has generated since Monday.

:: Lily Allen ended up buying Caribbean beach while drunk
:: Lily Allen wants a rich husband
:: Lily Allen lets slip she's playing Glastonbury
:: "I make no money from my records," says Lily
:: Lily Allen heading to Afghanistan because her pop star life is "vacuous" (????)
:: Lily Allen 'had a lesbian threesome'
:: Lily Allen sent topless photo to Ricky Wilson
:: I have lesbian dreams: Lily Allen
:: Lily Allen claims gay blogger Perez Hilton is a misogynist

How can someone who seems so intelligent and talented come across so unlikeable?

Sadly, she seems to be one of those people who proudly declares she "tells it like it is" and "says things to people's faces". It's the sort of argument that Big Brother contestants use to defend the fact they're being subhuman berks. And it doesn't even work in Lily's case, because none of her opinions - whether on Cheryl Cole (she's a "stupid bitch") or how to solve knife crime ("have a sports day") - reveal an uncomfortable truth or break an outmoded taboo.

Instead, everything she says further reinforces the percption that she's a tedious, spoilt cretin.

So, what do you reckon. Should Lily give up speaking to the press?

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