Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Jack burns it up

Here's something a bit different and special. Just Jack (of Starz In Their Eyes fame) has got a new single, called Embers, which throws away all of his usual rap stylings and goes for a string-drenched, harmony-laden chill-out track.

It's immediately captivating, and absolutely fabulous. One of those moments where an artist throws a complete curveball and gets it just right. Can't wait for the new album - All Night Cinema - which is due in May 2009.

There's a lo-fi version of the song below. You can hear an edited version in full stereo on Just Jack's Myspace page.

Just Jack - Embers (low quality radio rip)

PS: Another rapper on the comeback trail is Ms Dynamite. Her new song, Bad Gyal, leans heavily on the Dancehall-inspired sounds of Santogold and MIA. You can hear it on Youtube.

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